What does periodontology do?

A healthy mouth is not only about healthy teeth. You also need to remember about thatwhich surrounds them, i.e. the gums. It is for this purpose that we go to a dentist, a specialistin periodontology. Periodontology deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseasesof the gums, periodontium and oral mucosa. These diseases affect the soft and hard tissuesthat surround the teeth and, in extreme cases, lead to tooth loss.

How to recognize gingivitis?

Unfortunately, gingivitis can develop asymptomatically. However, the most commonnoticeable symptoms include:

→ redness and swelling of the gums
→ bleeding gums when brushing teeth or while eating
→ an unpleasant smell from the mouth
→ pain and a burning sensation in the gum area.

If you experience these symptoms, it is worth visiting a dentist who will perform an oralexamination and recommend appropriate treatment. Untreated inflammatory gum diseasecan lead to more serious conditions such as periodontitis, which is why early diagnosis andtreatment are so important.

Take care of the ‘foundation’ of your teeth.

Treatments performed in our clinic

→ frenuloplasty of the lip / tongue - surgical or laser undercuttin

→ gummy smile correction

→ surgical crown lengthening

→ covering of gingival recession with connective tissue graft

→ corticotomy

→ deep subgingival scaling, rootplaning

→ splinting loose teeth

→ głębokie oczyszczanie kieszeni kostnych

→ Zabiegi regeneracji kostnej z wykorzystaniem kości własnej lub biomateriałów oraz odwirowanego osocza i pozyskanych czynników wzrostu

→ pogrubienie dziąseł, zmiana biotypu

Periodontology in Estima means:



We always start treatment with a conversation with the patient, diagnostic tests andplanning the treatment process. Thanks to this, the whole process is reliable and we achievethe desired effect.



We use the most modern methods offered by today's dentistry, starting with equipment andending with durable materials. In addition, treatments are performed by specialized doctorswith the help of dental assistants and hygienists.



Periodontology often complements treatment related to other fields of dentistry, e.g., implantology , prosthetics or orthodonticsi.Our patients can count on comprehensivetreatment in one place.


''Can periodontitis be cured?''
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Yes, periodontal disease can be cured at the dentist. The treatment in the first stage consists in the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth and fromthe periodontal pockets. Depending on the stage of the disease, the treatment may also include the regeneration of gingival tissues or performing a surgical procedure. In order to maintain the effects of periodontitis treatment, it is important to maintain good oral hygieneand visit your dentist regularly.
''What is the purpose of surgical crown lengthening?''
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Crown lengthening is a procedure that exposes more of the tooth by removing a portion of the gum tissue. It is used to improve both the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth.


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