What is conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a very important field of dentistry, because thanks to this, we canmaintain the health and functionality of our smile. It deals primarily with the diagnosis andtreatment of diseases of the teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Its main goal is torestore the teeth to their original function and to rebuild their structure when it is damaged.However, conservative dentistry is not only treatment, but also prevention, i.e. prophylaxis,including a number of procedures such as scaling or sandbla


Stages of advancement of caries



At this stage, caries is not yet visible on the tooth surface. However, there are changes in theenamel, which is the most exposed to acids from oral bacteria. The first discoloration in theform of white or brown spots on the surface of the tooth may also ap



With the development of caries, its visibility on the tooth surface also increases, whichindicates the degree of its advancement. Clear carious cavities of tooth enamel and dentincan be observed. More and more bacteria develop there, as a result of which the enamelbegins to crack and brea



Advanced level of caries spread to the root of the tooth, threatening tooth loss. At this stage,symptoms such as pain, sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli, and even bleeding usually



The stage of complete destruction of the tooth. Teeth become brittle due to caries, andbacteria get into the tooth pulp, causing its inflammation or necrosis, inflammatory changesin the periapical tissues and finally infections that can spread to other organs of our body,which leads to more serious health proble

Caries is one of the most common dental diseases in the world.

Why should we treat teeth?

There are many reasons why you should treat your teeth, but the most important is to keepone’s health in good condition, because as it is commonly known, healthy teeth positivelyinfluence the condition of the whole body. The earlier we detect oral diseases, the faster andmore effectively we will be able to treat them and prevent many negative consequences. It isalso important to improve the aesthetics of our smile, because it is a key element of ourwell-being and self-confidence, which definitely affects the quality of our lives.

What makes us stand out?



Equipment such as magnifying glasses, a microscope or a scanner and intraoralcameras enable even more efficient, accurate and precise treatment.



The quality of the material affects the durability of the filling and its aesthetics.The materials used in our clinic are abrasion resistant and look like the natural tooth.



Treatments can be performed completely painlessly. In our clinic, we offerseveral types of anesthesia, thanks to which the patient will comfortably go through theprocedure.


''How long does the treatment of carious lesions take?''
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The length of treatment of carious lesions depends on the stage of the disease. As a rule, thetreatment lasts about 1 hour.
After what time does the filling need to be replaced?
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Replacing a carious cavity filling depends on many factors, including the material from which it was made, the conditions in the oral cavity, as well as the load and use of the tooth.


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