How to get whiter teeth

Tooth whitening is often one of the last steps in a comprehensive treatment plan that givesyou an aesthetically pleasing smile. The whitening procedure is carried out under thesupervision of a certified dental hygienist, which guarantees safety and effectiveness, and atthe same time, it is a quick way to brighten your teeth by several t
In our clinic, we offer two methods: tray whitening and regenerative whitening carried out inthe office

When can I whiten my teeth?

The whiteness of teeth is an individual matter, but the color of the enamel changes wit
Often, the causes of a change in the color of the enamel incl

→ eating and drinking colored foods,
→ smoking,
→ poor oral hygiene

However, before we start whitening, we make an appointment for a consultation, duringwhich we assess the patient's oral health. The condition for whitening is healthy teeth andgums. If necessary, the treatment is also preceded by hygienization, thanks to which the oralcavity will be thoroughly cleaned of tartar and sediment

Dazzle with a beautiful white smile.

In-office whitenin

The fastest effective tooth whitening is in-office whitening with a lamp - it is performedduring one appointment to the dentist. In our clinic, we use regenerative whitening withhydroxyapatite in the composition, which rebuilds damaged enamel and minimizeshypersensitivity. After the treatment, the teeth are not only whiter, but also healthy.

Stages of in-office whitening:



Applying a special gel to the teeth and activating its action by turning on the whitening lamp (repeating this process several tim



Applying a protective layer to the gums



Evaluation of the result and application of the hydroxyapatite serum

Tray whitening

Tray whitening is distinguished by the fact that it is performed by the patient at home. Afterconsultation at the dentist's office and taking an impression of the maxilla and mandible, thepatient receives individually prepared overlays for teeth with a whitening gel. Each patientreceives a personalized whitening kit and detailed instructions for self-bleaching. Thisprocess takes about 7-10 days and after this time you can enjoy whiter enamel even byseveral shades.


How long can the tooth whitening effect last?
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The effect of whitened teeth usually lasts 2-3 years, but the durability of the effect depends on many factors.
Tooth whitening before or after rebuilding missing teeth?
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It should be remembered that it is not possible to whiten dental prosthetics therefore tooth whitening should be performed before choosing the color of the denture.


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