Treating the youngest patients is extremely important due to the approach appropriate totheir age and development. Children are treated in a friendly and empathetic manner toreduce their anxiety and stress about visiting the den

The main goal of pediatric dentistry is to prevent dental and oral diseases in children. That iswhy our doctors also focus on educating parents and children about oral hygiene and propernutrition, which positively affects the health of the child's teeth and gu

Milk teeth affect the quality of permanent teeth and the overall development of the child.

→ Milk teeth help form speech sounds and enable your child to eat properly.

→ They maintain the direction of the growth of later permanent teeth. If milk teeth are lostprematurely, permanent teeth can grow in the wrong place, which can lead to orthodonticproblems

→ Neglecting the treatment of milk teeth can lead to infection and disease. Caries is aninfectious disease and can spread to permanent te

→ Regular visits to the dentist and taking care of milk teeth from an early age contribute tomaintaining healthy habits and preventing dental diseases in the fu

The treatment of milk teeth is an investment in the child's health, which contributes to theirproper development and well-bein

Why should you trust us?

The child's introductory welcome appointment is based on empathy, a friendly atmosphereand patience. We make every effort to ensure that each visit is pleasant, comfortable andstress-free for our youngest patient

We offer safe computer anesthesia for young patients and inhalation sedation for morestressed patients (so-called laughing gas), which allows the visit to our clinic to becomfortable for the child.

Treatments given to children in our clinic:



reatment of carious lesions

reatment of carious lesions

orthodontic treatment

orthodontic treatment

Start with an adaptation appointment to the dentist

At our clinic, we conduct introductory welcome appointments for children to build positive experiences related to caring for oral health. During the appointment, the child has the opportunity to get acquainted with the dental office, as well as with the dental staff and instruments that are necessary for effective treatment and prevention. Our dentist introduces herself and explains what procedures will be performed during subsequent visits so that the child feels safe and has a clear picture of what is happening.

During the introductory welcome appointment, we carry out an examination of the oral cavity, as well as showing the correct technique of brushing teeth and rinsing the mouth, which contributes to further independence and effective prophylaxis. Our goal is to pass on knowledge and build positive associations with visits to the dentist in the child.


How do I keep my child's teeth healthy?
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Milk teeth require special attention because they form the basis for permanent teeth and affect the development of the child's oral cavity. The care of milk teeth includes regular tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste and controlling the amount of sugar and sweets consumed. Regular visits to the dentist for oral inspection and tartar removal also help prevent cavities and other problems with milk teeth.

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