What occlusion is and when disorders occur

Occlusion is the position of contact of the upper teeth with the lower ones. Its disordersoccur for various reasons, such as: malocclusion, missing teeth, incorrect eruption of wisdomteeth, bad habits, incorrect fillings of cavities and even stress!

The symptoms of occlusal disease can be:

→ teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism)
→ tooth sensitivity
→ pain when biting
→ gingival recessions
→ characteristic skipping in the temporomandibular joints

Untreated occlusion may aggravate these symptoms, causing chronic pain not only in theoral cavity, but also in the head and neck. Ultimately, it can also lead to tooth loss, which iswhy it is so important not to underestimate these problems.

Take care of the correct occlusion and enjoy oral health.

How we treat occlusal diseases in our clinic

Occlusal diseases can be treated in several ways, and the choice of the treatment is selectedindividually to the patient's clinical situation. The most common treatments are:

→ orthodontic treatment
→ occlusal splint
→ correction of cavities fillings
→ replacing missing teeth
→ surgery

Why should you trust us?

The desired effect of treatment consists of several factors that we have implemented in our clinic:

Before treatment

We perform thorough diagnostics, collect the patient's medical historyand develop a detailed treatment plan.


We use modern equipment that increases the precision and effectiveness of treatment,providing comfortable for the patient.


We have many years of experience in treatment and we are constantly updating our skillsand knowledge to offer the best possible treatment in today's modern dentistry..



Over 20 years of experience in implant treatment allows us to effectively treatdifficult and demanding cases.


''What is condylography used for?''
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Condylography is an electronic examination of the temporomandibular joints that allows usto detect the causes of ailments in the functioning of the masticatory system. Thanks to this ,we can simulate the movements of the patient's jaw, and then plan lasting and effectivedental treatment.

Occlusion in Estima is performed by:


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