What is dental prophylaxi

Dental prophylaxis is aimed at preventing oral diseases, mainly cavities and periodontaldiseases. It includes both patient education in the field of proper oral hygiene, as well asregular dental examinations and professional hygienization treatm

What treatments are performed as part of prophylaxis?

The basic element of dental prophylaxis is correct oral hygiene, including brushing the teethat least twice a day, flossing and the use of mouth rinse. Patients should be educated onhow to correctly perform these activities and how to choose the right hygiene products.

As part of tooth prophylaxis, regular dental check-ups are also used, which allow for earlydetection of oral diseases and their effective treatment. Professional hygienic treatments arealso an important element of tooth prophylax

Dental prophylaxis significantly reduces the risk of diseases in the oral cavity.

What hygienization procedures look like in our clinic.

At Estima, hygienic treatments are performed according to the GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy)Protocol.It is a method of removing bacterial plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth. It is based ona comprehensive approach to oral hygiene, based on the knowledge of biofilm, i.e. acomplex bacterial structure that develops on the surface of the teeth and can lead to oraldiseases

Thanks to a comprehensive approach to oral hygiene, the GBT protocol allows you toremove deposits from hard-to-reach places in the mouth and effectively strengthen toothenamel, which is a key element of a healthy and beautiful smile.

The eight steps involving GBT can be tailored to your treatment, from initial therapy tomaintenance therapy. GBT is intended for healthy patients and patients with cavities(especially in the early stages), gingivitis, periodontitis, mucositis or peri-implantitis.

Stages of hygienization treatments



At the beginning, we check and thoroughly discuss with the patient the condition of the oralcavity.



We remove biofilm and all discolorations as well as pre-mineralized calculus above andbelow the gum line (up to 4 mm), we also clean soft tissues, such as gums, tongue andpalate. We do this using a sandblaster, which cleans, under pressure, with a mixture ofwater, air and special sand.



We stain the dental plaque and make uncleaned areas visible.



Depending on the needs, we conduct home hygiene instruction. At such visits, we also selectthe appropriate oral care products.



If deep gingival pockets from 4 to 9 mm are present, they are cleaned at this stage. Weremove the remaining stone around prosthetic crowns and implants. We also get rid ofbiofilm from interdental spaces.



There is only one thing left – to plan appointments according to the needs of a given patientin order to maintain oral health and prevent diseases.



We remove the remaining stone that is already in the pockets above 10 mm.



Now we need to make sure that all biofilm and calculus have been completely removed andthat there are no cavities. We protect teeth with fluoride.


''What is teeth sandblasting?''
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Teeth sandblasting is a hygienic procedure performed in a dental office based on air polishing technology using sand. Thanks to this, we get rid of deposits and discolorations that we cannot remove ourselves at home.
''Are there different types of sand?''
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Yes, of course. The mildest of these, the erythritol-based sand guarantees targeted, gentle and risk-minimized removal of biofilm.
What is fluoridation used for?
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Fluoridation strengthens teeth by rubbing fluoride varnish onto their surfaces. It has an anti-caries effect and supports the proper development of teeth, which is why it is often used in children.


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