Treatments without pain

Appointments to the dentist can be fun! Although in the past they could be associated withunpleasant experiences, today's modern dentistry gives us many opportunities forcomfortable and safe treatment. The technology used in our clinic, combined with theprofessionalism of the team, allows you to return to the dentist with a smile on your face.

Anesthesia in Estima is:



Minimally invasiv

We approach each patient individually and listen to their ne

Computer anesthesia

At Estima, in order to provide patients with the best dental care, we also offer computeranesthesia instead of a traditional anesthetic injecti

Computer anesthesia is a precise, gentle and safe administration of anesthetics usingcomputer equipment, which minimizes the risk of errors and increases the effectiveness ofanesthesia. Thanks to this, even the anesthesia itself is comfortable for patients. In addition,patients can return to normal activities more quickly. It is a safe and effective solution forchildren and pregnant wome


Inhalation sedation

Inhalation sedation is the so-called laughing gas, thanks to which the patient will go through the procedure fully relaxed. It is especially recommended for patients with hypersensitivity to pain or fear before the procedure. During the appointment, the patient breathes through a special mask with a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, which results in general relaxation and reduces the sense of anxiety. Importantly, the gas affects a person only at the time of administration, thanks to which the patient leaves the office in a state of full consciousness and can return to his daily activities. Inhalation sedation is completely safe, soit can be used in both adults and children.


''Will I be aware during laughing gas treatment?''
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Inhalation sedation, i.e. laughing gas, partially reduces the patient's awareness in favor of rest and relaxation, while maintaining contact with the doctor.

Anesthesia in Estima is handled by:


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kacper Żelazowski
Marcin Filipiak
Super atmosfera, pełen profesjonalizm 😊
Justyna Kliza
Bardzo miła Pani rejestratorka. Wszystko wytłumaczyła sprawnie.
Iwona Bogacka
Pełny profesjonalizm higienistki pani Sandry. Polecam
Julia_aa Julia_aa
Bardzo miła Pani , i Pani co robiła zdjęcie zębów również 🙂
Rona Roni
Bardzo profesjonalnie! Jakość świadczonej usługi na najwyższym poziomie. Przemiła i serdeczna opieka. Bardzo dziękuję Pani Sandrze i Danieli. Polecam!
xxx koju
Eugeniusz Urbanek
Polecam robiłem protezę wykonanie na 5 obsługa na 5