Consequences of having missing teeth

If we do not take actions to replace missing teeth, we may experience negative effects onthe health of both the oral cavity and the whole body. Alack of even one tooth can cause theothers to shift and lead to malocclusion that makes it difficult to chew and speak properly,leading to digestive problems. In addition, missing teeth increase the risk of gum disease,which is why it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible in the event of tooth lossin order to restore the full functionality and health of the oral cavity.

What is an implant?

A dental implant is a small element that replaces the root of a tooth and enables theattachment of a crown or prosthetic bridge on it. Its main task is to support a single tooth or,together with other implants, several teeth or entire dental arches. This provides patientswith stability, comfort of use and a natural aesthetic effect. It is worth remembering,however, that the proper functioning of implants depends not only on the professional workdone by the dental surgeon, but also on regular oral care and hygiene.

implant dentystyczny

Naturalny ząb

Implantology - a way for a full smile even for the rest of your life!

Why should I choose implant treatment?

→ The most important advantage of implants is the fact that thanks to them we can restore thefull functionality of the oral cavity.

→ Thanks to them, we preserve the bone structure and prevent its atrophy.

→ Using implants, we can count on exceptional convenience and comfort of use, becauseplaced directly in the jawbone, they are far more stable than other prosthetic methods.

→ Implants are designed to imitate natural teeth, which is why they provide a unique effect of a beautiful smile.

What we offer at the Estima clinic



Over 20 years of experience in implant treatment allows us to effectively treatdifficult and demanding cases.



Our team is constantly developing their skills by attending various trainingscourses that allow the implementation of the latest and proven methods of implanttreatment.



We offer our patients work that is durable, safe and highly aesthetic, and ourequipment allows for reliable and safe treatment.

Treatment step by step



Computed tomography,bone measurement.



Implant placement procedure under anesthesia . It can be assisted by using atemplate or real-time navigation. With good stabilization of the implant, it can be rebuilt with an abutment and a temporarycrown, especially in the aesthetic zone



After 3 months of mature bone formation, scans or impressions are made for futureprosthetic work. .



Making and installing the final prosthetic work.

If there is not enough bone, additional procedures are necessary, such as bone reconstruction or sinus lift.


''How long does the implant placement procedure take?''
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The implant placement procedure itself takes about 0.5 - 1 hour.
''Does a rebuilt tooth on an implant require hygiene?''
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Prosthetic restorations, like natural teeth, require regular home hygiene and dental check-ups.
''Will implantology also work in complete toothlessness?''
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Yes, implant treatment allows us to reconstruct both single missing teeth, several missingteeth, and complete toothlessness.

Implantoprosthetics in Estima is performed by:


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