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We are guided not only by quality, but also by the most rigorous standards of hygiene and cleanliness at our Clin

Patient comfort

Dental treatment with the patient's comfort in mind? It's possible!

Fast contact

Our reception maintains a high level of contact with our patients.

Experienced team

Holistic digital diagnostics in one place and time!


We take care of all your family's dental needs.

Only the use of proven systems ensures long-term reliability and durability. Thanks to our ability to listen to patients, we select a treatment program that takes into account your health needs and financial possibilities.Get to know our servic

A holistic approach based on the approach of the VieSID Viennese school.

Our approach to treatment is based on the philosophy of Professor R. Slavick - the founder ofthe Viennese school of occlusion VieSID. In his approach, he solves the genesis of the problem in the stomatognathic system based on three key elements: the temporomandibularjoint, the muscles responsible for chewing functions and the teeth themselves. The combination of these three elements in therapy allows us to solve the roots of the problem at its source

Advanced and precise diagnostics

In our clinic, we have all the necessary equipment to conduct a full diagnosis of our patients. We have an advanced 3D computer tomograph at our disposal, thanks to which we can accurately assess the patient's clinical situation in three dimensions before starting treatment.

As one of the few centers in Poland, we conduct tests based on condylography, thanks to which we are sure that the temporomandibular joint, which is mainly responsible for our bite, works properly.


A team of specialists ready to help you!

We are ready to help in the full range of dental services. A well-coordinated team of cooperating doctors creates a pleasant atmosphere for the patient.

Our team of specialists has many years of practical and training experience, supported by many certificates obtained in the Polish and world arena.

Our doctors always start treatment with diagnostics, followed by planning, prototyping and visualizing the final effect of treatment before it starts. Everything takes placewith the patient's active participation in ensuring that he/she feels safe and is fully aware of the procedure being performed.


Our Customers' Opinions!

All opinions come from our patients, most of them have also been published on our social media.

We invite you to read the rest of the opinions about our dental center.

kacper Żelazowski
Marcin Filipiak
Super atmosfera, pełen profesjonalizm 😊
Justyna Kliza
Bardzo miła Pani rejestratorka. Wszystko wytłumaczyła sprawnie.
Iwona Bogacka
Pełny profesjonalizm higienistki pani Sandry. Polecam
Julia_aa Julia_aa
Bardzo miła Pani , i Pani co robiła zdjęcie zębów również 🙂
Rona Roni
Bardzo profesjonalnie! Jakość świadczonej usługi na najwyższym poziomie. Przemiła i serdeczna opieka. Bardzo dziękuję Pani Sandrze i Danieli. Polecam!
xxx koju
Eugeniusz Urbanek
Polecam robiłem protezę wykonanie na 5 obsługa na 5

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